WSJ's Top 10 Stories For 2008

2008 was a crazy news year on many front, but in the end, nothing quite captures the imagination like a story about a doctored photo of a antelope. The Wall Street Journal announced its year-end most-read stories, and it’s clear that the year’s biggest stories bore no relation to the most read. Maybe if the big stories weren’t so roundly depressing, they might’ve been passed around more.

  • The United States Of Mind
  • China Eats Crow Over Faked Photo Of Rare Antelope
  • The Declining Value Of Your College Degree
  • The Treatment Of Bush Has Been A Disgrace
  • McDonald’s Test Changes in $1 Burger as Costs Rise
  • The End Of White Flight
  • Clinton Team Seeks To Calm Turmoil
  • Why IT Hates The iPhone
  • Open Mic Night At MSNBC
  • The World’s Greatest Athlete

Sigh. If only those were the biggest stories of 2008.

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