A New Report Is The Clearest Sign Yet That Authorities Are Trying To Nab Stevie Cohen

steve cohen watercolor

Well there it is: The clearest evidence yet that prosecutors are trying to pursue hedge fund manager Stevie Cohen for insider trading.

WSJ’s Michael Rothfeld and Chad Bray report:

A year before the government charged Mathew Martoma with insider trading, it tried to get him to turn against his former boss, Steven A. Cohen.

Federal agents, including Federal Bureau of Investigation case agent Matthew T. Callahan, turned up at the Boca Raton, Fla., home of Mr. Martoma, a former portfolio manager at an affiliate of SAC Capital Advisors L.P. Agents tried and failed to persuade him to be a cooperating witness in the government’s effort to build a criminal case against Mr. Cohen, the founder of SAC and one of the biggest names in the hedge-fund world, said people close to the case.

This case was revealed earlier this week, as both the SEC and FBI brought chargest against Martoma relating to $250 million in allegedly ill-gotten gains.

The complaint was littered with references to an un-named ‘Portfolio Manager A’ who was reported to be Cohen, a strong point of evidence that investigators were seeking to tie Cohen to allegedly illegal trades.

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