THE DEBT CEILING: In Case It Weren’t Obvious Which Side Big Business Is On

ceiling fan

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As we noted this weekend, the hot new Democratic strategy is to use the debt ceiling fight to drive a huge wedge between the GOP and bis business.Corporate leaders may talk a good game about wanting fiscal restraint, but in the end, they don’t want any real disruption to anything.

Want more proof?

Now the WSJ has joined the fight against using the debt ceiling as a tool to introduce austerity or restraint to DC spending. The debt ceiling is a “flawed vehicle” for addressing the deficit, says Gerald Sieb, despite the fact that of all the spending fights we’ve seen, the debt ceiling looks like it will be the first that will draw some blood.

Of course, the GOP can’t do too much to alienate business, a good reason to assume that in the end something will get worked out.