Writer accuses McDonald's of copying his viral 'engagement' photos

A San Francisco writer claims McDonald’s copied his work to sell cheeseburgs.

David Sikorski says McDonald’s copied photos of him posing with a burrito in a mock engagement photo montage.

The photos went viral online after BuzzFeed published them on July 13.

On August 3, McDonald’s launched an ad campaign for its $US2.50 double cheeseburger “combo” deal.

The company’s ads, which also had the theme of a mock engagement, strongly resembled Sikorski’s photos.

Here’s the first photo from the campain, which the company tweeted on August 3.

It resembles this one from Sikorski.

Burrito campaignKristina BakrevskiDavid Sikorski says McDonald’s copied photos of him posing with a burrito.

On August 10, McDonald’s tweeted another ad for the combo deal that referenced a “double cheesy engagement.”

Again, it resembled a photo from Sikorski’s montage.

A couple days later McDonald’s tweeted this ad.

Here’s Sikorski’s version.

Then came this one from McDonald’s, with someone blowing kisses to a double cheeseburger.

It could be compared to this pose from Sikorski.

The most recent photo in the series from McDonald’s is this one, which was tweeted on August 18.

Sikorski has a similar image.

Sikorski told Business Insider that he has reached out to a licensing lawyer and is exploring taking legal action against McDonald’s.

We reached out to McDonald’s and will update when we hear back.

Starbucks was also recently hit with a lawsuit for allegedly copying someone else’s work.

Mural painter Maya Hayuk claims the coffee chain ripped off her artwork in advertising for its mini frappuccinos. She is suing Starbucks for $US750,000 for copyright penaltied and cash damages.

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