A Scientist Made An Incredible 'Wrecking Ball' Parody About Evolution

Wrecking ball carin bondar evolution music video parodyYouTube screenshotCarin Bondar skewers creationists in this parody of ‘Wrecking Ball.’

Dr. Carin Bondar calls herself “a biologist with a twist.” That, my friends, is true.

The edgy scientist has appeared on Discovery’s “Brave New World with Stephen Hawking” and hosts a YouTube series documenting animals’ sexual behaviour called “Wild Sex.” Now she has released a cover of Miley Cyrus’ mega-hit “Wrecking Ball” that pokes fun at creationism.

Bondar explains her motivation for writing the song on the video’s page: “I am always troubled by the lack of awareness surrounding the process of evolution by natural selection. Also, I am a crazy dorky scientist who enjoys many aspects of pop culture.”

The result is the hysterical video below, titled “Organisms Do Evolve.”

In the video, Bondar reads Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” while writhing on a pile of science textbooks and licking a sledgehammer (of course).

The video was posted only four days ago and already has more than 266,000 views.

You can follow along with the lyrics on Bondar’s YouTube channel.

Watch the music video below. It’s pretty safe for work.

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