WOW: This Investor Had Two Huge Exits In The Last Three Weeks

steve anderson baseline ventures
Steve Anderson founded Baseline Ventures

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Steve Anderson founded Baseline Ventures in 2006 to give startups a new source of seed capital.Since then, he’s invested in more than 60 companies.

In the last three weeks, he’s had two massive exits: Instagram, which Facebook bought for $1 billion today, and OMGPOP, which Zynga bought for $180 million (plus $30 million in employee retention bonuses) on March 21.

His other exits include Heroku, which Salesforce bought for $212 million in 2010, and Aardvark, which went to Google for $50 million in 2010.

He’s also got investments in Path, which could be a way for Google to answer Facebook’s buy today, and Twitter, which will probably be the biggest tech IPO of the year whenever it goes public (2013?).

Read the full list of investments here. Then feel the envy.