WOW: The 'Woot of Wine' Just Had A Million-Dollar Day

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What started out as a way for a family-owned wine store to offload its extra inventory has turned into one of the most-know sites on the ‘net for wine lovers.On Wednesday, had its second-ever $1 million day, selling a whopping 87,000 bottles in one of its marathon events. ( is like the “Woot” of wines. On most days it sells one variety of wine at a deeply discounted price until it sells out. Shipping is even included if you buy the minimum number of bottles (often four).

Wine lovers like it because on average it sells wines that go for about $50 for half price or less. 

Every now and again it has what it calls a “Cheapskate Wednesday.” That’s a marathon event where it offers lots of different wines for 15 minutes apiece, or until they sell out.  This week, some were gone within 45 seconds, WTSO’s owners say. In total, the event sold more than 87,000 bottles, generating more than $1 million in revenue.

This response to the sale “blew us away,” Jamie Arking, WTSO’s CFO told Business Insider. The site typically sells 7,000 – 12,000 bottles daily.

WTSO is owned by two brothers who have been selling wine through a retail store in New Jersey for over 26 years. It launched in 2006 and that year held its first marathon where it sold about $30,000 worth a wine in a day. That’s not a bad haul but $1 million is better.

The site has grown almost entirely by word of mouth, Arking says. It now employs 30 full-time workers.

This story was originally published by Food & Wine.

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