WOW! iPad Already 1% Of Our Web Visits, Including 2.5% This Past Weekend

Steve Jobs iPad

We’re working on a broader piece about the iPad’s early success, but here’s one specific thing that shocked us when we saw it.

Apple’s iPad, which has only been on sale for a month, is already accounting for 1.1% of Business Insider’s web visits, according to Google Analytics. And this past weekend, it was 2.5% of our visits. (A full 3% on Saturday.)

That’s pretty impressive, and it was 100% browser-based traffic — we don’t have an iPad app.

To be sure, the tech-focused, early-adopter crowd reading SAI is probably highly overindexing for iPad ownership. And our wealthy finance-type readership on Business Insider’s other verticals. Still, it’s pretty surprising.

For comparison, the iPhone is 5% of our visits over the past month, and 6.4% this past weekend. Windows still dominates our visitors, at 70%. Mac is 20%.

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