This airline is offering $99 Black Friday discount tickets from the US to Europe

WOW Air Airbus A330WOWA WOW Air Airbus A330.
  • WOW Air has a Black Friday sales for one-way tickets from the US to Europe.
  • Prices are as low as $US99.99.
  • There are only 1,500 seats available.

Add plane tickets to the list of Black Friday deals. On Monday, WOW Air announced new discount fares for travel from the US to Europe in celebration of America’s annual post-Thanksgiving retail fest.

The Icelandic ultra-low-cost carrier is offering one-way tickets for as low as $US99.99 from Boston, Chicago, and Pittsburgh to Reykjavik, Iceland; Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, England; and Dublin, Ireland.

In addition, $US129.99 one-way tickets are also available for flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami to those same European destinations.

“WOW air is happy to provide some early holiday cheer to travellers in many of our U.S. destinations,” Airline founder and CEO, Skúli Mogensen said in a statement. “We hope to make international travel more accessible for travel enthusiasts during the holiday season and beyond.”

The fare sale is for select flights from December 2017 through May 2018.

However, you’ll need to act fast and read the fine print. There are only 1,250 seats available at the $US99.99 price point and just 250 seats for $US129.99. In addition, they are only available when you also book a return flight.

But don’t let that stop you from looking into the deal. For instance, we were able to find non-discount return flights from Amsterdam to Boston for as low as $US149.99.

Started in 2011, WOW Air operates a fleet of brand new Airbus A320- family and A330 jets to 38 destinations across Europe and North America.

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