MOBILE INSIGHTS: Would You Buy Google Glass For $US300?

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Why Google Glass Costs $US1,500 Now And Will Likely Be Around $US299 Later (GigaOm)

A Chinese research outfit examined the cost of all of Google Glass’s components, and concluded that the $US1,500 price tag is far more expensive than the cost to produce the device. It begs the question — at what retail price will Google Glass succeed? For further insight, please refer to the BI Intelligence report, The Forecast For Google Glass. Read >

Why Wearable Computers Will Need Advances In Notification Technology To Thrive (GigaOm)

Wearable computing devices are likely to become the next of many screens consumers incorporate in their mobile portfolio. GigaOm surveys where wearable computing devices are currently at, and what advancements manufacturers will have to make in order for these devices to succeed. Read >

BlackBerry Considers Going Private (Reuters)

In an attempt to revive its fortunes, the struggling handset maker is open to the option of going private. It is also considering other options such as licensing its BlackBerry 10 software. Read >

How Much Do Average Apps Make? (Forbes)

Stepping away from the ongoing discussion on the monetization gap between Android and iOS, Forbes studies raw data from each app store to calculate just how difficult it is for developers to make a significant income from their app efforts. Read >

Motorola Will Produce The Next Nexus Device (9to5 Google)

Solidifying their partnership, Google will look to Motorola to produce the next device in the popular Nexus series. LG, HTC, and Samsung manufactured previous iterations of Nexus devices. Read >

Facebook Cautious On Video Ads (Wall Street Journal)

There has been speculation for some time on when Facebook would start hosting lucrative video advertisements, and it claims it will start with 15-second ad units in the Fall (Some even link the Instagram video update to the opportunity to host new video ads). However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is cautious on these ads, stating he would not want to “annoy” his user base. It is up to Facebook to find the right compromise between appeasing its users while luring potential advertisers. Read >

Apple Will Debut New iPhone In A Month (All Things Digital)

All Things Digital reports Apple will debut the next generation iPhone at its special event on September 10. It comes at a crucial time, since Apple has not launched a device in a year, and this has allowed a wave of Android devices to cannibalise market share from Apple in the global smartphone market. Read >

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