James Dolan Wants To Replace The GM Who Cleaned Up The Isiah Thomas Mess With... Isiah Thomas?

Isiah Thomas

Photo: AP

The New York Knicks are enjoying their best season in a decade, due in no small part to the efforts of general manager Donnie Walsh.That’s in spite of owner James Dolan, a laughingstock who never met a bad idea he didn’t like, and Isiah Thomas, whose track record as the Knicks GM (and coach, too) rests largely on a few astute draft picks.

Under his watch, the Knicks started running secret workouts in blatant violation of NCAA and NBA rules. This week, they were fined $200,000 for these infractions.

Today, the New York Post is reporting that Dolan still carries a torch for Thomas, and refuses to renew Walsh’s contract because Zeke remains in the picture. He hired Thomas as a part-time consultant without mentioning it to Walsh, which made Donnie none too happy. And now, Walsh’s job may be in jeopardy because of Dolan’s inexplicable fondness for, or confidence in, the former Pistons great.

From the Post:

As Dolan drags his heels, Walsh admitted he has received no feedback on the job he is doing from the big boss. It is startling considering the money Walsh has saved Dolan while putting the club in prime position to make the playoffs with cap room the next two summers.

Walsh’s remarks came in light of an Internet report suggesting Dolan is undecided on keeping Walsh. The NBA source told The Post what’s preventing Dolan from committing to Walsh is not health, but Thomas’ unyielding desire to return.

There are a lot of “ifs” there, but bottom line: Walsh hasn’t been offered a new contract and is “embarrassed” by it. He did rescue the team from salary cap hell, was able to make them credible through last summer’s signings, and now has them winning without breaking the bank.

Dolan could care less if there’s a negative reaction to Isiah’s return. Sure, it basically kills any faith we might have in this team’s potential for the future, but as a business, the Knicks are back. And now it’s time to get Dolan’s best pals back in on the operation.

I don’t know if this sounds more like the mob or the wet dream of Los Angeles Clippers’s Grinch-fiend Donald Sterling.

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