The Worst Dressed Professional Athletes

hope solo

Photo: AP Images

They may be good out on the field but when it comes to the red carpet, these athletes need some help.Whether its too tight, too out there, or just plain ugly, some athletes have screwed up big time in the fashion department.

A few make a mistake every now and then, but others are repeat offenders.

Shaq looking sloppy with his significantly smaller girlfriend

Hope Solo and Alex Morgan at the Entourage premier

Brian Wilson with his version of a tuxedo on the red carpet

John Daly's golf outfits are just terrible

Deion Sanders in red and.. zebra

Lindsay Vonn's dress just has too much going on

Tennis Player Bethany Matek Sands took her tennis balls to the red carpet

Tiger Woods usually sports a polo, they are often ugly, like this one

Metta World Peace's outfits are just as strange as his actions

Serena Williams makes fashion faux pas on and off the court

Dennis Rodman.

Caroline Wozniacki is missing part of her dress

The NFL's Clinton Portis in velour.

Golfer Ian Poulter sporting some 'patriotic' pants

Aaron Rodgers showing off some trophies in an interesting button-down shirt

But not all athletes struggle with style

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