This College Is The Biggest Rip-Off In America

savannah college of art and design

Photo: Wikipedia

Small state colleges and small religious colleges offer the worst bang for you buck, according to new analysis from PayScale.Savannah College of Art and Design ranked as the college with the absolute worst value, with tuition clocking in at $176,000 and a 30-Year Net ROI yielding -$189,000.

PayScale surveyed hundreds of thousands of full-time U.S. employees with a bachelor’s degree and projected the average future income of each school’s graduates. The company then compared the future income to the cost of the college’s tuition, to calculate the return on investment.

Seton Hill University was ranked as the second-worst value, costing $160,200 with a -$186,000 30-Year Net ROI.

Jackson State University, Meredith College, and College of the Ozarks are made an appearance on the list as schools with poor value.

PayScale also found that the best investments are elite universities and tech schools.

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