The Worst Tech Logo Changes Of All Time

Every once in a while, companies decide to reinvent themselves. Part of doing that is creating a new company logo. 

New logo designs subject companies to praise and criticism alike. When Airbnb released its new logo this summer, the internet swiftly tore it apart, pointing out the logo’s resemblance to female genitalia.

We’ve decided to take a look at some of the worst tech logo redesigns of all time. 

Foursquare decided to forgo its old logo earlier this year when it split its service into two apps, Foursquare and Swarm.

The new Foursquare logo looks like a map pin and a superhero. A lot of people didn't like it when it was introduced.

Logically, travel booking company Hotwire's old logo included an aeroplane motif.

The new logo replaced the aeroplane with just a red dot.

Airbnb's old logo was easily recognisable.

As soon as Airbnb debuted its new logo, the internet decided it looked like female genitalia.

Yahoo's old logo was iconic.

Yahoo's redesign, while not a grand departure from the old design, was trashed as being 'ugly' and 'boring.'

Fandango's new logo looks more like two interlocking F's (the second 'F' is upside down).

Fandango's old logo looked like a movie ticket.

Bing decided to forgo its blue logo in 2013 when Microsoft redesigned and rebranded several of its products.

Bing's angular and modern redesigned logo garnered plenty of criticism, though.

iTunes' old logo contained a music note in front of a CD. The logo made it clear what iTunes did: Play music, including music you could rip from your own CDs.

To update the logo (who uses CDs anymore?), Apple removed the CD and turned the iTunes logo into a musical note with a blue background.

Critics called the new logo 'hideous.' Steve Jobs didn't care.

Last year, music streaming giant Pandora decided to update its logo, opting for a bolder look.

But while it's bolder, Pandora's new logo falls flat and looks kind of boring.

Radioshack's vibrant red logo was recognisable to those old enough to remember shopping there.

In 2013, the company redesigned its logo with a questionable, dull colour scheme.

Now that you've seen the worst, take a look at the best tech logos out there.

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