These Were The 4 Worst Super Bowl Ads Of The Night

The Super Bowl is a celebration of the best creativity American advertisers have to offer, in front of the largest audience available.

And every year, a few companies stink up the joint, usually by trying too hard.

Here are the four worst ads in the 2014 Super Bowl.

4. Maserati

This ad was a cinematic masterpiece but … what on earth was it about? Viewers were left mystified. And as the Maserati 2014 Ghibli luxury sedan costs a LOT of money, buying a $US4 million Super Bowl ad seemed like an untargeted waste of money.

3. Subway

The sandwich chain only bought an ad at the very last minute and it showed — nothing special to see here except rote fast-food promotion.

2. Carmax

The slow clap is normally used as a sarcastic criticism of the thing you’re “applauding” … and it forms the entire basis of the Carmax ad.

1. Heinz

This ad relies on a fart joke. What more need be said?

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