These are the two worst men's style trends we saw on the Golden Globes' red carpet

The stars go all-out for the Golden Globes, incorporating more variety and taking more risks than they can at stuffier award shows. Sometimes, that can pay off.

Sometimes, however, it doesn’t. At all. There were two egregious examples at this year’s Golden Globes: velvet jackets and sneakers.

A brush with velvet

Golden Globes VelvetGetty/Jason MerrittDwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (left) and Jason Statham (right) both gave a velvet jacket a try.

A few stars, namely action stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham, decided to try out velvet jackets at this year’s Golden Globes.

The Rock went with a plum-coloured peak lapeled version that looks much closer to the smoking jacket that originally inspired the tuxedo.

Statham played it much better with a shawl-collared brown jacket that he almost pulled off, but we’re going to have to say: not quite, Jason.

While we know that velvet is at least a little bit trendy these days, these two ensembles prove that it’s a trend best left to the ’80s (the 1880s, that is).

Sneakers? Sneakers.

Golden globes sneakersGetty/Jason Merritt and Getty/Charley GallayJason Sudeikis (left, with Olivia Wilde) and Alan Cumming (right).

Some stars, like Jason Sudeikis and Alan Cumming, decided to pair sneakers with their black tie.

We’re not really sure what made them think that this was OK. Ever the famous sneakerhead, Sudeikis paired his tuxedo with Air Jordan 11 Concord Lows, which include patent black leather detailing. The promo copy on Nike’s website says the shoes “followed MJ’s insight of bringing a formal look to the court.” Unfortunately, it’s just not formal enough for the red carpet.

Though Alan Cumming also wore sneakers with his tux, his, at least, were all black. Cumming is no stranger to strange red carpet footwear — he even wore Crocs to last year’s Emmys.

Have a burning men’s style question? Ask me and I may answer you in a future post. Email me at [email protected] with the subject line “Men’s style question.”

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