PRESENTING: 9 Of The Most Infuriating Blown Calls In Sports History

Michael Ballack


Referees are humans just like the rest of us, so it’s natural for them to miss a few calls here and there.In certain situations, though, a blown call can be unbearable to watch and have huge implications on the outcome of the game.

From the bafflingly obvious blunders to the critical mistakes in crunch time, these are nine of the most infuriating blown calls in sports history.

1972: Referees add time to the clock twice to give the USSR buzzer-beater chances in Olympic gold medal game

The Americans thought they had won the gold medal after the USSR shot missed, but after a lengthy bit of celebration, referees inexplicably added three more seconds to the clock.

Then this happened:

1986: Diego Maradona punches in a goal against England in World Cup quarterfinal. Argentina won the game 2-1, and went on to win the World Cup

1990: Colorado scores on fifth down

In a 1990 college football game between Colorado and Missouri, Colorado was given five downs in one series.

Colorado scored on fifth down to win 33-31. You can see the whole drive here.

1996: Fan catches Derek Jeter's home run in Game 1 of the ALCS, but umpire does not rule fan interference. The Yankees came back to win the game 5-4, and won the World Series later that year

Derek Jeter came up to bat in the bottom of the 8th inning with his team down 4-3 to the Baltimore Orioles, and ripped a drive to right field.

Yankees fan Jeffrey Maier reached over the wall and caught the ball before outfielder Tony Tarasco could, but umpire Rich Garcia ruled it a home run, tying the game 4-4.

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1998: San Francisco 49ers score on final drive to beat Green Bay Packers in NFC Wild Card game, but referees miss clear fumble by Jerry Rice

Steve Young drove the 49ers down the field and Terrell Owens caught the game-winning touchdown with three seconds left. Brett Favre was not happy.

2001: New England fumble in AFC championship game ruled an incomplete pass, Patriots go on to win Super Bowl

2006: Graham Poll gives Croatian player three yellow cards in World Cup group stage before sending him off

2010: Jim Joyce Blows Armando Galarraga's perfect game

2012: Jim Wolf calls Carlos Santana safe at second base

This blown call didn't have a huge effect on the game, but Santana was so clearly out that the call is simply mindblowing.

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Now see how referees are handling the NBA Finals.

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