The NFL Replacement Refs Had A Terrible Weekend, Here's The Worst Call

Yesterday was a rough day for the replacement refs.

Before the games even started, the NFL pulled one ref because they saw that he had pictures of himself in Saints gear all over his Facebook page.

After that, a few early games — Ravens-Eagles, Rams-Redskins — got really chippy and the officials let the game get away from him.

Then came a string of head-scratching calls, including the weird offensive pass interference on Jacoby Jones that nullified a potentially game-sealing Ravens TD.

And the afternoon ended with the worst call of all — a phantom pass interference penalty in Jets-Steelers game. #24 for Pittsburgh, Ike Taylor, got called for PI on this play even though he never touched Santonio Holmes at any point before or after the play.

steelers pass interference gif

Photo: @BuzzfeedSports

Look, the regular NFL refs aren’t perfect. And the replacement refs are being scrutinized by the media (us!) way more closely than any group of officials the league has ever seen.

So screw-ups are inevitable, and it’s unfair to rip them apart for every single little thing.

But these screw ups just can’t be as egregious as this Jets-Steelers play, and they can’t be as consequential to the outcome of the game as the timeout fiasco in last weekend’s Cardinals-Seahawks game was.

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