This is the worst place in the world to play Pokémon Go

Pokemon antarcticaImgur/ZerosHunterThis is not a fun place to be a Pokémon trainer.

Everybody playing Pokémon Go wants to catch ’em all. But for one extremely remote user, there aren’t any Pokémon to catch.

Yesterday, Redditor ZerosHunter posted screenshots of Pokémon Go gameplay from Palmer Station, Antarctica, a U.S.-run research station. For reference, here’s where it’s located.

The Redditor was happy to find that the station had been designated as a Pokéstop — that’s one of the game’s refuelling stations, where players pick up supplies and the Poké Balls required to catch Pokémon.

The only thing missing? The actual Pokémon. ZerosHunter found that there were no creatures located nearby.

Zero nearby pokemonImgur/ZerosHunterWhere have all the Pokémon gone?

But there is one possible workaround: Pokéstops occasionally reward players with eggs that hatch into Pokémon once you walk a certain number of kilometers. Unfortunately, taking a walk in Antarctica can be a life-threatening proposition. (In July, the average temperature is a balmy 14°F, but it can get as low as -23.8°F, per the National Science Foundation.)

“In all seriousness it is a hazard to be walking out for extended time especially just to hatch an egg,” ZerosHunter wrote in a comment. Instead, the budding Pokémon trainer is attempted to rack up kilometers by walking around the small station, saying, “I’m taking it down 100 meters at a time.”

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