23 of the worst online advertising fails ever

Toyotaeconsultancy.comNot the best ad placement.

Online ads can be effective when targeted right.

But they can easily backfire when unintentionally placed next to the wrong content.

Do fembots cry too?

What would Jesus do?

Apple makes mistakes too.

This is the Uber driver who tried to break into his passenger's house after dropping her off at the airport.


Probably not a huge market for pork sliders in Jerusalem.

Ready, aim...

Edibles are definitely not for kids.

You're being watched.


I do NOT want to see that video.

Red Stripe's awesome. But it's not for 11 year olds.

In case you didn't know, Vick was sentenced to 23 months in jail for running a 'cruel and inhumane' dogfighting ring.

Not funny at all.

That's not very encouraging.

Strange name for a phone.

You're evil if you laugh at this.

That's NOT why I fly.

Not the grilling technique I was looking for.

That really is a bad idea.

This is what happens when you target the wrong keywords.

Not nice.

We get it - everything goes down eventually.

Now that you've seen some terrible accidents in online advertising

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