10 Terrible And Controversial Logos In Tech

Designing a logo can open a company up to a lot of praise or criticism.

When Marissa Mayer unveiled Yahoo’s latest logo, for example, the Internet exploded and said it was “boring.” Tumblr pages were dedicated to designing better options.

A few weeks ago, Airbnb revealed a new logo and the tech press laughed, saying it looked like genitalia.

With that as inspiration, we decided to take a look at some of the worst/most controversial logos in tech.

Notification app Yo doesn't even have a logo. Its icon is just a purple box. Apple initially rejected Yo from the App Store because there was so little to the app's functionality and its design.

When Highlight, a social location app, launched its 3D logo it was dubbed a 'dangerous' headache-inducer by the press. Now its logo is just one colour.

Stripe is a payment company, but there isn't a single stripe in its text-only logo, which seems counter-intuitive.

Airbnb's new logo looks like female genitalia, the Internet screamed.

Sure, Uber's logo is clearly a U. But is it supposed to be a black car too? Why does the U have two stems at the top facing in?

The Path and Pinterest logos look a whole lot like the Phillies'.

Navigation app Waze has a cutesy, confusing logo. Is it a car or a message bubble?

Yahoo's redesign caused an uproar. It was called 'ugly' and 'boring' by tech press, and designers took over Tumblr creating versions they felt were better.

Foursquare's new logo is supposed to look like a pin point on a map and a super hero emblem, but a lot of people don't like it.

Bonus: A restaurant, DirtyBird, has a logo that's getting tweeted a lot because it looks phallic. The restaurant says it's just a clever way to put the 'd' and 'b' together that looks like a rooster.

Here's more about it at Wales Online.

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