The Two Most Embarrassing Flops From The Heat-Pacers Game

Flopping has became one of the dominant narratives of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Before last night’s Game 4, LeBron James said that flopping wasn’t necessarily a bad thing in a pretty startling admission. Pacers fans responded by chanting, “Flop-per! Flop-per!” while he was shooting free throws.

The flopping continued last night with a number of embellishments on both sides.

This LeBron James-David West double flop was particularly absurd (via Deadspin):


Earlier in the game, Lance Stephenson acted like he got punched even though Ray Allen never touched him (via Bleacher Report):

Bleacher Report

Expect to see the NBA hand out some fines today, because the anti-flopping sentiment is reaching a fever pitch.

Even TNT commentator Steve Kerr took to Twitter to scold the two teams:

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