Today's Groupon Is The Grossest Ever

Jezebel's Tracie Egan did not enjoy her experience.

Photo: Jezebel

Groupon is a $15 billion business built on weird, sometimes downright gross ads for local businesses.Take today’s offer for Groupon’s New York subscribers – 60% off a colon cleansing.

Here’s the Groupon ad copy. Note that the zany humour is mildly toned down:

Human bodies are classic hoarders, refusing to toss out their harmful toxins and other useless bric-a-brac until their spleens become trapped under avalanches of old newspapers. Unclutter your carcass with today’s Groupon to Cleansing Day Spa in downtown Brooklyn.

Cleansing Day Spa takes a holistic approach to wellness and beauty, aiming to improve health by reducing bodily toxins. Its ionic foot bath uses charged atoms, which act like tiny toxin-seeking magnets to neutralize and eliminate body trash, thereby reducing stress on the liver, kidney, immune system, and internal janitorial staff. Colon hydrotherapy flushes embedded waste from the colon in a safe and sanitary way to help boost gastrointestinal health and overall wellness.

If you’re curious, first check out this video Gawker Media’s ladyblog, Jezebel, did about colon cleansing back in 2008.

“Lemme tell you something,” writes Tracie Egan Morrissey, “It was not fun.”

Try not to stay awake tonight worring about the 15 people who actually bought this Groupon

This is a famous one.

Does that squirrel look funny to you?

Think this offer got forwarded around much?

On the one hand, you have no idea what salt air treatment is. On the other…IT'S 72% OFF!!!!!!

The Nets. Hah. They're terrible.

Why live life for yourself when you can buy it in a box for 51% off?

Now, to be fair to our friend Andrew Mason. Groupon does have some really awesome deals…

Our favourite was this coupon for a golf course in New York. It was a steal.

And EVERYONE went nuts for this Gap deal.

So, who are the people behind these bizarre coupons?

Tour Groupon, The Funniest Startup We've Ever Been To (PHOTO TOUR)

Tour Groupon, The Funniest Startup We've Ever Been To (PHOTO TOUR)
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