This New 'Worst Free Throw Ever' Video Might Actually Be The Worst Free Throw Ever

For some strange reason, there has been a rash of comically terrible free throws lately.

It continued yesterday when this video of an unfortunate free throw attempt by a Division II Georgia College player surfaced on Deadspin.

Columbus State ended up beating Georgia College 70-60. The shot went four feet or so:

It all started two months ago, when this shot by an Appalachian State player was hailed around the Internet as the “worst free throw ever.” It was bad:

It continued and spread to the pro ranks when JR Smith of the Knicks air-balled a free throw a few weeks ago:

Last week, Clippers player DeAndre Jordan shot up this brick. It’s not worse than the three videos above, but considering he’s an NBA player it’s pretty awful:

In a likelihood, people have been missing free throws like this for years, but we didn’t have the technology to make it go viral like we do today.

Either that or there’s some inherent flaw in American basketball that is causing players to laughably miss freebies.

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