The 10 Worst Cities In The World


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The worst cities in the world are scattered around Africa and Asia, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.The same study said the best cities were mostly all in Australia and Canada.

EIU’s list hasn’t changed much since 2009. As Vancouver continues to be the most livable city, Harare continues to be the least. Cities were ranked on 30 criteria involving health care, stability, culture, environment, education and infrastructure.

Two of the worst cities are hosts of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

#10 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Healthcare: 41.7

Education: 66.7

Infrastructure: 51.8

Overall rating: 48.5

Colombo is the second host of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup to make the list of least livable cities. It held 9th position in 2010 which was likely propelled by Sri Lanka's civil war which ended mid-2009 and its overall score has improved since then as well.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#9 Dakar, Senegal

Healthcare: 41.7

Education: 50

Infrastructure: 37.5

Overall rating: 48.3

Dakar has seen its ratings slip one spot since 2010 but its overall livability score has increased since 2009. The city's infrastructure appears to be holding it back.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#8 Tehran, Iran

Healthcare: 62.5

Education: 50

Infrastructure: 33.9

Overall rating: 45.8

Tehran didn't appear on the list of 10 least livable cities in 2009 and tied with Dakar for the 10th worst spot in 2010. The city has the highest healthcare score in the bottom 10 but it needs to boost its infrastructure and with a rather oppressive government it has the lowest culture and environment score.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#7 Douala, Cameroon

Healthcare: 25

Education: 33.3

Infrastructure: 42.9

Overall rating: 44

After ranking fourth worst on EIU's list of least livable cities in 2009 and fifth in 2010, the city moved to seventh position this year. Douala however has the worst education score of the bottom 10 cities.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#6 Karachi, Pakistan

Healthcare: 45.8

Education: 66.7

Infrastructure: 51.8

Overall rating: 40.9

In terms of healthcare, education and infrastructure, Karachi has some of the highest scores in the bottom 10 but the increasing instability of the city and country as a whole has seen Karachi's ranking slip since 2009.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#5 Algiers, Algeria

Healthcare: 33.3

Education: 25

Infrastructure: 41.1

Overall rating: 39.4

Algiers has worked its way up after tying for the second worst spot in 2009 and 2010 but it has the lowest education score in the bottom 10 cities.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#4 Lagos, Nigeria

Healthcare: 33.3

Education: 33.3

Infrastructure: 48.2

Overall rating: 39

Lagos has also slipped a spot since 2009 and scores low on healthcare and education. The government has begun working on the Lagos rail mass transit project to improve transportation.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#3 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Healthcare: 37.5

Education: 50

Infrastructure: 39.3

Overall rating: 38.9

Port Moresby has maintained its spot as the third most unlivable city since 2009 and has a low score in overall stability and poor infrastructure.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#2 Dhaka, Bangladesh

Healthcare: 29.2

Education: 41.7

Infrastructure: 26.8

Overall rating: 38.7

The city that's host to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is also the world's second most unlivable city. It has maintained an overall score of 38.7 since 2009.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

#1 Harare, Zimbabwe

Healthcare: 20.8

Education: 66.7

Infrastructure: 35.7

Overall rating: 37.5

Harare has been the worst city to live in since 2009. The city ranked low because of extremely high levels of petty crime, civil unrest and poor healthcare and public transport.

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit

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