The 10 US Cities Where It's Hardest To Lose Weight


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Losing weight is the #1 New Year’s resolution, yet only 41% of U.S. adults were able to stick with that goal last year. And even though there are a ton of ways to help yourself reach those fitness milestones — from iPhone apps to getting more sleep — sometimes it can be your environment, and not your willpower, that’s the problem.The folks at Trulia, a San Francisco real estate listing company, have done the maths to find out which cities were the best and worst for losing weight in 2013. They took into account factors such as local food options and the percentage of workers who travel by walking or biking, plus the numbers of fitness centres, sports stores, and weight loss clinics in the area per 1,000 households.

And because certain cities have a leg-up in each of these categories (New York is great for walking, but Salt Lake City is better for outdoor sports stores), the percentages and totals were combined into a final list to decide which metros offer the best tools for people trying to lose weight, as well as the cities where it would be hardest to shed the pounds.

View the full top 10 lists below:

Top Worst Cities To Lose Weight

Photo: Trulia


Top Best Cities To Lose Weight

Photo: Trulia

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