Worried about being eaten by a shark? There's an App for that

Just call me Bruce…

If becoming dinner for a great white has you worried, then the NSW government’s new, free phone app, Sharksmart, is just what you need.

The app takes the information on the Department of Primary Industry’s SharkSmart website and crunches it into a mix of shark IDs, from man-eaters such as tiger and bull sharks to the relatively harmless wobbegong and grey nurse. It’s full of tips to help people reduce the danger, from not swimming in murky water, to not swimming with pets.

“Do not rely on dolphins to indicate the absence of sharks – they often feed together,” the app says, busting a common misconception.

The app also lists the beaches between Newcastle and Wollongong where shark meshing takes place, as well as saltwater swimming enclosures where you can be confident any dark shadows in the water aren’t what you fear.

To download the app, search iTunes for SharkSmart.

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