World's Poorest Are Being Overwhelmed By Garbage

cow eats garbage

Slideshow of the world’s poorest being drowned in garbage. [Guardian]

Clean energy needs the economy at large to perk up before it can go anywhere. [Reuters]

Freeman Dyson clears up his feelings on global warming. [Yale 360]

Archer Daniels Midland is screwed by the ethanol bust. It has no idea how to handle it. [The Big Money]

How can the U.S. and China work together on a climate change bill. [Environmental Capital]

Total Oil wants to paint itself green. Only .71% of its investments are in alt energy. [Guardian]

2010 should be a big year for wind power. [Earth2Tech]

China is barring $21 billion worth of new projects because they pollute. [Bloomberg]

Yingli Green (YGE) will sell panels to a 13 MW Czech solar power plant. [Release]

Better Place completes 1,000 battery swaps, but there’s still major questions about the company. [Greentech Media]

Solar tariff feed in in Gainesville is ripped by Solar Industry. [Gunther]

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