The World’s Oldest Person Reveals The Secret To Her Longevity


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Over a month after the last world’s oldest person died, the new oldest person has been identified by Guiness World Records.She is Maria Gomes Valentim, a 114 years and 313 days old Brazilian

Here’s the secret to her longevity, according to the AP:

Known as “Grandma Quita,” Valentim’s family says she has a stubborn streak and has always made a habit of minding her own business. They also say her own father lived to be 100.

“She says she has lived long because she has always taken care of her own life — and not the life of others,” granddaughter Jane Ribeiro Moraes, 63, told a local newspaper.

Moraes added that Valentim has a great affection for feijoada — Brazil’s national dish, a hearty bean stew with various cuts of salted pork meat — and chicken empada pastries “with a lot of hot sauce.”

The next oldest person is Besse Cooper from Munroe, Ga.

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