The World's Most Stunning Cemeteries

People travel the world for all kinds of reasons, whether its gastrotourism that takes them to Madrid for tapas or a medical tourism trip to Korea for a bargain facelift.

Turns out tombstone tourists are also a thing. Even if you’re not a taphophile (someone with a heightened love of funerals, graves and cemeteries), you might still get a kick out of putting a famous cemetery on your travel itinerary.

The 20 cemeteries on this list are notable for their architectural merit, historical significance, and people who are buried in them.

Maqbaratoshoara in northwestern Iran is a mausoleum for poets, mystics and other famous intellectuals of the area. The structure was built in the mid-1970s, but artists have been buried on the site starting in 1072 with the death of the writer Asadi Tusi, who was famous for creating a lexicon of the Modern Persian language.

The Cemetery of Punta Arenas near the southern tip of Chile opened in April 1894 and recently became a National Monument of Chile. Carefully planned avenues link two stories worth of tombs of the region's founding families. It also features European cypress trees sculpted into surreal shapes.

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