World’s most expensive flip flop helps to save rain forest


We still have a few days of summer remaining. We might as well make the best use of them and if necessary whip out some cash for a pair of flip flops. How about $18,000 for the world’s most expensive flip flop? Even though the price is shocking there is a valid explanation. Chipkos has unveiled their unique 1960s Ohso Ashram inspired flip flop. This is not ordinary footwear. It has been personally designed and hand-painted by David Palmer, famous artist from Los Angeles. Still is the price really justified, after all it’s only a pair of slippers? For every pair sold, Chipkos will protect 100,000 square feet of forest land in Costa Rica. With the very visible square-shaped flop and Indian-inspired design, these flip flops are available in different colours and prints for both sexes online. For anyone having second thoughts, we think this is a perfect opportunity to indulge in a quilt free shopping knowing that it’s all for charity.

This post originally appeared at Luxurylaunches.