The 8 Most Expensive Cell Phones In The World


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If you though getting the latest smartphone fully-loaded with apps, games, and accessories was as extravagant as it could get, think again!What you’ve seen in your local gadget store is nothing compared to these phones customised by famous designers using precious stones and metals! Here are the world’s most expensive cell phones.

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Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Renowned gadget customizer Stuart Hughes came up with this masterpiece in 2009. There are over 200 diamonds on this mobile phone, and it also has 271 grams of 22-carat solid gold! The home button on this 3GS iPhone has a 7.1 carat diamond on it and the Apple logo on the back features 23 gems.

If you still think you can afford this, make sure you have about Rs. 144000000 (~$3,121,060) lying around somewhere!

GoldVish Le Million

Swiss designer Emmanuel Gueit designed this fancy one-of-a-kind phone for Goldvish Geneva using 20-carat VVS1 diamonds and 18-carat white gold. This 2006 creation was a big draw for the world's elite who frequent Goldvish to get their mobile phones customised with the most extravagant bling out there.

If you want to take this home, you simply need to dish out about Rs. 58000000 (~$1257093)!

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson designed this phone for a Moscow company called JSC Ancort. This phone has a platinum base and 50 diamonds--of which 8 are extremely rare blue diamonds! The Ancort logo and the navigation key are made of 18-carat rose gold.

This phone can be yours for Rs. 58000000 only(~$1257093)!

Vertu Signature Cobra

This limited edition phone was designed by French jewelry house Boucheron. The cobra on this phone is made using a white round diamond, a 2-carat pear-cut diamond, 2 emeralds and 439 rubies!

This (in our opinion) rather ugly device will set you back approximately Rs. 14000000 (~$303436).

VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone

Singapore-based designer Jaren Goh designed this phone that features a body made of a combination of titanium and polycarbonate materials. It also has a mirror finish cladding and is encrusted with diamonds to give it a very sleek look.

This one goes for about Rs. 13500000 (~$292599)!

iPhone Princess Plus

Created by Peter Aloisson, this phone is laced with 318 diamonds. 138 of those diamonds have a princess cut, while the rest have a brilliant cut. It also features 18-carat white gold.

This phone is yours for under a crore at Rs. 8000000 (~$173392)!

Vertu Diamond

This phone has a refined platinum body with a foundation made of ruby bearings. The body is made from a material that was intended to be used for the space shuttle program. Of course, you can expect the usual inclusion of gold and diamonds endemic to the design of all these luxury devices.

This phone's been around for over 5 years now, but it (and its less blinged-out and more affordable counterparts) is still popular for those looking for a ultra-luxury phone with only a basic set of features. Given that it doesn't even have a camera, it's only fitting that it's the cheapest phone on our list at Rs. 4000000 (~$86696)!

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