Now Is Your Chance To Buy The World's Largest Farm


Photo: USDA

You always wanted to be a farmer, and you noticed recently that anyone with food to sell has been making a killing on record high prices.Well now’s your chance to invest in farmland in a huge way.

A Russian farming conglomerate, Ivolga is selling the world’s largest farm for around $1 billion. The 1.5 million hectare of farmland are spread across Russia and Kazakhstan and contains mostly fields of wheat.

Ivolga is looking to sell after getting buried in debt from the global crash. A London hedge fund, which is declining to invest in the land, tells the Telegraph: “[Ivolga] got caught by that perfect storm in 2008 and 2009. They bought all their fertilisers at the top of the market and then sold all that crop into a very deflated market and made massive losses.”

Of course there are some risks involved with this farmland. Food prices could collapse, or drought could cause another summer of wildfires in Russia.

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