This Aussie dad built his 11-year-old son one of the world's biggest skate ramps to help him train for the X Games

Meet Keefer Wilson – the 11-year-old kid whose dad built him two monster skate ramps in their backyard:

Keefer Wilson – world’s luckiest skater boy. Picture: YouTube/ABC

Two ramps, because the neighbours in the Victorian town of Nyora complained about the first one blocking their view and took their complaint to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

So Keefer’s dad Peter Wilson shifted it into an old dam and has planted 100 trees around it. He even worked the angle of the top surface to ensure there’s less noise as skateboard wheels hit the seams.

It’s virtually underground, and the drop-off is around 15 metres high. Along the 95-metre run are three jumps – 18m, 15m and 8m:

That means the ramp is built to X Games standard, which is important, because not only is Wilson the best dad in the world right now, his son is living his dream of becoming one of the world’s best skaters.

Keefer, 11, will be the youngest competitor at the Australian X Games when they start in Sydney in October.

His ultimate training ground was finished yesterday:

Not only does it mean Keefer gets to skate on one of the world’s biggest skate ramps, he gets to train alongside some of the world’s best skaters.

The ABC reports “professional skateboarders have been travelling from around the globe to skate it”.

Keefer told the ABC he’s given himself – and his best mate Billy – four more years to turn pro and join them on that world tour.

Here’s the report from the ABC:

The X Games will be held on October 19-21 at the Sydney Showgrounds.

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