30 incredible beaches every surfer should visit in their lifetime

Riding the waves near a picturesque beach is a rush, whether you’re a professional surfer, a beginner, or simply observing the sport.

All around the world are magnificent beaches that have become known in the surfing community thanks to their massive swells, amazing landscapes, and array of surf competitions.

From Morocco’s Taghazout Beach, where you can ride a camel straight to the beach, to Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline, known for hosting some of the biggest swells in the world, here are 30 beaches every surfer should check off their bucket list.

Australia's Bondi Beach, located 4 miles east of the Sydney central business district, has a name which translates to 'water breaking over rocks' and has attracted surfers since it opened the world's first surf lifesaving club in 1907.

Source: CNN

Some see Fistral Beach, located in Cornwall, England, as the birthplace of modern British surfing. Home to the Boardmasters surfing competition, the beach's waters are known for being chilly, but real surfers don't seem to mind.

Source: USA Today

Morocco's Taghazout Beach has a tiny surfing community where you'll find surfing schools, retreats, smooth waves, and even camels being ridden directly down to the beach.

Source: USA Today

San Clemente Beach in San Clamente, California, offers year-round swells where you'll find everything from fast and hollow beach breaks to slow and crumbling cobblestone reef breaks.

Source: USA Today

Uluwatu, set beneath a temple-topped cliff in Bali, Indonesia, attracts surfers from around the world for both its stunning landscape and its adventurous waves.

Source: USA Today

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