#WorldEmojiDay is on the same day as emoji fan Julie Bishop’s birthday

Today is World Emoji Day. It also happens to be the Australia foreign minister, Julie Bishop’s birthday.

That’s a happy coincidence because Bishop loves emoji.

To celebrate both events, here are three times the foreign minister used emoji to express herself.

1. She turned herself into an emoji for breakfast television.

On Channel Nine’s Today Show program during an interview with Karl Stefanovic, responding to a question about whether she knew what a Thermomix Bishop said: “I’m going to answer in emoji”.

Julie Bishop goes full emoji. Image: Today Show.

2. Earlier that month she also did an interview with Buzzfeed entirely in emoji.

Buzzfeed Australia asked Bishop what she thinks of certain political leaders, Australia’s international relationships, her thoughts on gay marriage and more – and her responses were awesome!


3. And to end the 2014 year she signed off from Parliament using heaps of emoji.

It roughly translated as: “Parliament adjourned till 9/2/15! Thanks Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Ministerial staff for a stellar year. Still more travelling before Christmas but have a good break swimming, surfing, drinking, enjoying the sunshine or fishing. Bye.” See more here.


Business Insider tweeted the PM for her birthday and asked what she thinks of sharing the day with World Emoji Day.

We’re yet the hear back.