Four Decades At The World Trade centre In Pictures

world trade centre

Photo: AP

When plans for the world trade centre were first revealed in January 1964, the structure was set to cost $330 million. By the time construction was completed in 1973, the costs to Port Authority had reached $900 million. 

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Even before construction was completed, the twin towers had appeared in movies The French Connection and The Hot Rock.

They captured global audiences when King Kong scurried up the side of the south tower, and in 1974 when French daredevil Philippe Petit walked between the towers on a tightrope.

In 1993, the towers were attacked for the first time when a truck loaded with explosives detonated in the parking lot of the North Tower building. The attack claimed six lives. And on September 11, 2001 two hijacked planes were flown into the the twin towers. The attacks killed 2,753 people in all and left a gaping hole in New York city’s skyline.

In 2006, the site began being prepped for construction again. Port Authority continues to control Freedom Tower and Tower 5, while Silverstein Properties controls Towers 2, 3 and 4. This time around, the entire World Trade centre project is estimated to cost $19 billion, while the cost for Silverstein Properties buildings are $7 billion.

The pouring of first concrete for the World Trade centre, September 1966

An aerial view of World Trade centre under construction in New York City April 16, 1968

The new World Trade centre is shown under construction, August 1969

A view of a construction worker as he works on the World Trade centre building in New York City, 1970

World Trade centre from the construction site in New York City on October 20, 1970

Construction workers raise their hats in salute as the American flag is attached to a steel column which is hoisted to the top of the north tower building of the World Trade centre, December 23, 1970

A construction worker guides a steel beam for the formal topping out ceremony of the south tower, July 19, 1971

General view of World Trade centre in New York City in 1972

An aerial shot of the completed World Trade centre Towers, late 1970s

French tight rope walker Philippe Petit balances as he walks between the World Trade centre. When he was done police officers took him into custody, August 7, 1974

A hole caused by an explosion in an underground garage at the World Trade centre, March 1993

A second jet liner is seen lining up with the World Trade centre, September 11, 2001

Flames and debris explore from the second tower, September 2001

The crater and surrounding wreckage at the site of the World Trade centre towers after the terrorist attacks, September 2001

Pedestrians flee the smoke and debris from the collapse of the twin towers, September 2001

A lone firefighter stands amid the rubble, September 2001

The construction site by night with light beams from the Empire State Building in the background, September 2008

On a foggy day, April 2009

Visitors to the World Trade centre look at the rising steel frame of 1 World Trade centre, December 2009

Construction plods on, December 2010

A composite of construction at the WTC site from 2007 - 2010

The World Trade centre site, June 2011

Construction cranes work on the 56th floor of One World Trade centre, centre, February 2011. The tower will rise to 104 floors when completed in 2013

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