The 8 Big World Series Stories That No One Is Talking About Right Now

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There are some pretty clear-cut story lines going into the World Series.We know that Nelson Cruz is looking to finish one of the best offensive postseasons ever.

We know the TV ratings will stink because the Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies are all out.

And we know C.J. Wilson is pitching to get a big, big offseason contract.

But there are some interesting stories that aren’t getting a lot of play before tonight’s Game One.

Is Carpenter hurt? Is Pujols a goner if the Cards lose?

Chris Carpenter may or may not be hurt

It's strange that not more people are talking about this.

Carpenter has complained about elbow soreness over the last few days. He says he's OK, but you should still keep an eye on him tonight to see if he's 100%.

A nicked-up Carpenter completely changes this series.

The Cardinals might be playing for the right to keep Albert Pujols

Pujols will probably stay in St. Louis no matter what.

But the financial windfall from a World Series win will clear up a little more cash to pay Pujols.

And winning a title will prove to Pujols that he doesn't have to bolt town to compete for championships year in and year out.

The faceless starters behind Wilson and Carpenter will decide the series

Ever heard of Colby Lewis, Jamie Garcia, Edwin Jackson, Derek Holland, Kyle Lohse, or Matt Harrison?

Would you even know who Matt Harrison was if he walked into your house wearing a 'Matt Harrison' nametag?

Probably not.

But these are the guys who will decide the series. One great pitching performance from an unknown starter could totally flip things upside-down.

The Rangers have to win this year

A lot of people are saying that this is only the beginning of a Rangers dynasty.

They're young. They have a great farm system. And they now have money and a growing fan base.

But as we have seen with any number of clubs, there's no guarantee you'll ever get back to the Series after you lose.

If a few prospects don't pan out, and a pitcher or two gets hurt, you're right back to the drawing board.

Using the All-Star Game to determine homefield advantage is dumb

Seriously, really dumb.

The Rangers have a better record over 162 games, but MLB rewarded the Cardinals with the homefield advantage because of some gimmick.

The regular season is already devalued enough, just let the better team have the extra home game.

The games themselves will be exciting...

Everyone is complaining about this being a boring series. But the games themselves should be really exciting.

You have two high-powered offenses, and two lackluster pitching staffs. And that makes for lots of runs.

If Tony LaRussa doesn't ruin every game by making 25 pitching changes, it should be some arresting stuff.

... But the series itself is really, really boring

It's true.

These are two flawed teams who happen to be playing well. They don't have any meaningful history with one another. And they are neither likable nor hateable enough to get worked up about.

On the field, this will be an awesome series. But the more big-picture story lines are severely lacking.

These aren't the best teams

Winning the World Series has nothing to do with being the best team.

It has everything to do with being the hottest team.

The Phillies proved over 162 games that they are the best team in Major League Baseball. But they were undone by a St. Louis team that just so happened to be on a roll when they played them.

More than any other sport, the MLB playoffs are a crapshoot where six months of play is tossed aside in favour of randomness.

And that's a big problem for baseball.

Now see what the World Series looked like a century ago

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