This Is What It's Like Behind The Scenes At A Huge World Series Game

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Nothing beats the intensity level of a World Series game. A Super Bowl doesn’t even come close with all of the corporate suits and neutral location.And last night was the final home game of the season for the Texas Rangers as they took on the St. Louis Cardinals in game five of the World Series. The winner of the game would be one win away from a World Championship.

We went to the game to get a feel for that intensity and absorb the pageantry.

Welcome to Arlington, Texas, home of one of baseball's most beautiful ballparks

No time to mess around, let's get inside

It was a perfect night for the fall classic

Tony LaRussa hits some fungoes, when he should have worked on his phone skills

Harold Reynolds and Mark McGwire share a laugh during batting practice

The fans crowd around the home team's dugout trying to get a better glimpse

Yep, we are at a Rangers game

This lady really wants Cliff Lee to be her friend...on Facebook

The MLB Network got to set up right on the field

Meanwhile, FOX was relegated to the concourse

Is Peter Gammons sending a tweet?

Albert Pujols shows some love for his best friend.

Is there another sport where the players are hounded as much during pre-game warm-ups?

Bud Selig drew some giggles when he was introducing Jose Bautista during Hank Aaron Award ceremony. Bautista had to nudge Selig when Bud looked at Matt Kemp

The crowd continues to filter in

And everywhere you looked there was food

$9.00? Yep, it's the World Series

Roger Staubach met with the media after his ceremonial first pitch

But the few people in the crowd were paying more attention to the game on the TV

Here is the temporary World Series press box

Not the best seats in the house

Did we mention how beautiful Rangers ballpark is?

And here is the view of Cowboys Stadium

$300 for a ticket only to spend the entire game standing on a picnic bench

But apparently it was the thing to do

Of course, a World Series game is not enough for some

Time to get some hacks in

Nolan Ryan is bigger than life in Arlington

It wasn't quite a soccer match, but a few fans had interesting outfits

OK, one guy looked like he was ready for a soccer match

The Rangers aren't sure what there main colour is, which leads to...

A very colourful crowd

With the Cardinals in town, we were surprised the Rangers didn't try to emphasise the blue more

Not sure we've seen beer vendors in neon before

With two outs in the 9th inning, the media members get ready to storm the field

After the game, the Rangers fans were in no hurry to leave

Fear the Duck!

And now it is time to swarm the players for soundbites

Ken Rosenthal takes on Adrian Beltre

Nolan Ryan looks like a proud grandpa

Tony LaRussa trying to explain his bullpen snafu

Everybody wants an answer to how LaRussa could screw up something so simple

Not as many were interested in Ron Washington's thoughts

They finally kicked the fans out leaving a peaceful scene

And then it was time to party at the post-game reception

These partiers might still be there today

Now compare that to a recent US Men's soccer friendly...

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