WE WIN! 50 Years Of Booze-Soaked Clubhouses After World Series Glory

reggie jackson champagne shower

Photo: YouTube

If you win the World Series, you get to spray champagne all over yourself and your teammates.Other sports have various adaptations of this tradition — milk at the Indy 500, etc. — but baseball’s is the longest-running and most recognisable.

Even before baseball become a monster industry and players started making millions of dollars, teams were soaking their joy in a champagne shower.

Brooklyn Dodgers teammates Duke Snider and Don Newcombe (1955)

Detroit Tigers pitcher Mickey Lolich (1968)

Baltimore Orioles infielder Dave Johnson (1970)

Oakland A's pitcher Rollie Fingers (1972)

New York Yankees slugger Reggie Jackson (1978)

St. Louis Cardinals players (1982)

Kansas City Royals players (1985)

New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani (1996)

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner (1998)

Anaheim Angels player Adam Kennedy (2002)

San Francisco Giants outfielder Cody Ross (2010)

How about 2011? It could be the Milwaukee Brewers

Or the St. Louis Cardinals

Or the Detroit Tigers

Or the Texas Rangers

Now see what sports was like 100 years ago

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