World Renowned Designer Quits Barangaroo Project, Says His Advice Is Being Ignored

Getty/ Cameron Spencer

World-leading public domain expert, Professor Jan Gehl, has quit the controversial Barangaroo project after not being consulted for 2 years.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Gehl withdrew his support for the project, saying economic pressures have created a “strong urge to build as much as possible” while “concerns for the people landscape have gradually evaporated”.

Despite Gehl’s firm being paid close to $440,000 in consultant fees over three years, the professor has said James Packer’s hotel-casino is “contrary to what was needed” and it was “difficult” to identify successes resulting from his advice.

The government’s Barangaroo Delivery Authority did not announce his departure, nor did it reply to his resignation email on September 18, to chief executive John Tabart.

A Barangaroo Delivery Authority spokeswoman told SMH it valued Professor Gehl’s contribution to the “human landscape” and that his principles for future development at Barangaroo Central will be included in the precinct’s master plan.

Read the full article here.

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