World Of Warcraft Expansions To Continue Forever, iPhone Apps Coming, Says Blizzard CEO

World of Warcraft players may be so excited over the new expansion “Wrath of the Lich King” they’re playing until they pass out, but there’s more WoW in the works. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime told MTV he plans to keep releasing expansions to the game so long as there’s interest — and given the two-hour queues to play, there’s plenty of that.

Highlights of the MTV piece:

  • Morhaime: “We will continue making expansions as long as we have players that want to play ‘World of Warcraft’.”  Blizzard’s goal is to release a new add-on every year, but that may be aggressive, and there’s no commitment to a November 2009 release.
  • No changes to WoW’s subscription price (about $15 a month) are being planned.
  • The company is looking at how to incorporate an iPhone application into the game, but they’ve ruled out an “independent standalone application.” What does that leave? Checking your WoW in-game email from your cell phone? Trading virtual goods at WoW’s “auction house?”

But this is the best line, where Mike defends WoW’s monthly fee as a lot of bang for your buck: “If you look at other choices that you can make — like going to a movie with a date — you’ve already over your 15 dollars for two hours.” Mike may have a point, but we’d suggest to any World of Warcraft players reading this that while dates are indeed expensive, it’s worth stepping away from the land of Azertoth now and again.

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