'World of Warcraft' is getting a major addition 10 years after coming out

“World of Warcraft”, the online role-playing game that became synonymous with the genre thanks to its record-breaking success in the mid-2000s, is about to get a new chapter in its decade-plus saga of orcs, humans, and lots and lots of clicking on colourful icons.

Developer Blizzard announced an expansion for the game at industry show Gamescom 2015. Titled “World of Warcraft: Legion”, the expansion brings a new story for subscribers to play through, one that sees the return of The Burning Legion — one of the “Warcraft” series’ most classic foes. 

Online role-playing games like “World of Warcraft” are meant to be played in perpetuity, where users can create their own fantasy characters and take them on theoretically endless adventures, full of treasures and mysteries meant to keep players on the hook for as long as they’re willing to play.

Expansions like “Legion” help keep these games alive, with new stories to experience and challenges to tackle, all serving to make the online world players share a vibrant, ever-changing place. They also do a lot to bring back players who have left the game — and far more players than usual have left “World of Warcraft” recently.

For a glimpse of some of the changes coming to jazz up “World of Warcraft” with the release of “Legion”, check out the trailer below. 

No release date was announced for “World of Warcraft: Legion”.

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