World Of Warcraft: As Addictive As Cocaine?


We know the FCC blames World of Warcraft addiction for college drop-outs, but is the massively popular game as “addictive as cocaine?”

The Swedish Stiftelsen Ungdomsvård (Youth Care Foundation) thinks so, and is set to release a report damning Activision Blizzard’s (ATVI) video game as “the cocaine of the computer games world.” “There is not a single case of game addiction that we have worked with in which World of Warcraft has not played a part,” according to Sven Rollenhagen at the foundation to the newspaper Metro.

World of Warcraft is an online fantasy game, which according to the Game Over treatment centre in Linköping in central Sweden are the types of games which carry the highest risk of addiction.

The Local reported in November 2008 that a boy in Laholm, southern Sweden had been admitted to hospital after collapsing following a 20-hour World of Warcraft binge.

Two points we’d like to make about the report: First, any group (like the Stiftelsen Ungdomsvård) that’s in the business of curing “gaming addiction” is probably prone to making some pretty hyperbolic statements about the problem. Secondly, at $15 a month for all-you-can-eat gaming, if Warcraft is addictive, it’ll take a lot longer to destroy someone’s life than cocaine.

Might ruin people’s job prospects though.