World First Tunnel Planned For Sydney Could Put Drivers At Risk

Construction for the WestConnex due to start 2015. The dashed line represents the tunnel length. Photo:

Revolutionary plans for Sydney roads could put drivers at risk, exposing them potentially dangerous situations such as a 13km continuous tunnel to be built from Strathfield to St Peters.

The NSW government’s WestConnex project is the largest integrated transport and urban revitalisation project in Australia.

The 33km motorway will link the M4 to the M5 via Sydney Airport, integrating a 13km tunnel as part of the new plans.

The NRMA’s senior policy adviser on roads, Mark Wolstenholme says such tunnels are monotonous for drivers and “fatigue or tiredness in drivers in tunnels is more prevalent.”

He also said there significant implications if a big crash was to happen, in which case the tunnel would need a better plan to return traffic to the road surface.

The project will set a world precedent for a motorway of its kind.

Construction will start in 2015 and as each stage is completed parts of the motorway will be opened with the final stage due to open in 2023.

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