Popularity Of Soccer In United States May Have Taken A Big Hit Today

usa soccer fan world cup

Photo: The Associated Press

In a huge upset in sports television, FOX has outbid ESPN for the rights to broadcast the 2018 and 2022 World Cup. And with the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader losing the World Cup, the growth of soccer in this country could slow drastically.It is no secret that ESPN takes care of their broadcast partners. And if the World Cup is no longer in their programming, there is little incentive for ESPN to promote the sport with the same vigor they used in previous World Cups.

Fans will still tune in to watch the tournament. And with the games now on a broadcast channel, the ratings will probably go up. But where the sport will feel the biggest impact is the lack of in-depth coverage provided by ESPN outside of the games, something seen in previous years.

And without that additional coverage, interest will be marginalized.

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