A World Cup photographer was run over during Croatia's goal celebration, still did his job, and captured some amazing pics

  • AFP Mexico chief photographer Yuri Cortez was stampeded by Croatian players when they scored a go-ahead goal in extra time of their semi-final against England.
  • Despite Cortez being at the bottom of the pile, he continued to snap pictures, and the results were terrific.
  • The players quickly tended to Cortez and made him part of the celebration once they realised he was OK.

A photographer covering the World Cup inadvertently became part of a celebration, and the result was incredible.

Yuri Cortez is a chief photographer for AFP Mexico and when Croatia scored their semi-final-winning goal in the 109th minute against England, he was in both the wrong place and the right place at the right time.

As the Croatian side celebrated the monumental goal, they moved towards an area of the sideline that did not have a barrier between the field and the photographers covering the game.

World CupFox

As more players piled on, they crashed into the photographers.

It was quickly evident that one photographer did not get out of the way in time and ended up on the bottom of the pile. That is Cortez under the Croatian pile, and amazingly, it appeared that he was still snapping pictures with one of his cameras.

World Cup 2018 photographerFox

The results were amazing.

AFP posted a few of the photographs on social media.

The Croatian players were quick to tend to Cortez. Once it appeared that he was OK, they even started to celebrate with him, and helped him to his feet.

Domagoj Vida even gave Cortez a kiss.


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