Here Are The Brand New World Cup Uniforms For All 32 Teams

All 32 teams at the 2014 World Cup redesigned their uniforms for this summer’s tournament.

Some teams with iconic kits (Brazil, Croatia) only made small tweaks, while others got radical overhauls (Mexico’s lightning-bolt shirt).

Here are the home and away kits for 31 of the 32 teams. Bosnia-Herzegovina has (somehow) yet to release its uniform with a few weeks to go to the World Cup, but we’ll update this post when they do.

Some of these are pretty great (Ghana’s away kit rules), others are really bland (England).

Algeria, home (left) and away (right)

Argentina, home

Argentina, away

Australia, home

Australia, away

Belgium: home (left), away (center), and third kit (right)

Brazil, home

Brazil, away (left) and third kit (right)

Cameroon, home (left) and away (right)

Chile, home (left) and away (right)

Colombia, home

Colombia, away

Costa Rica, home (left) and away (right)

Croatia, home

Croatia, away

Ecuador, home (left) and away (right)

England, home

England, away

France, home

France, away

Germany, home

Germany, away

Ghana, home (left) and away (right)

Greece, home

Greece, away

Honduras, home

Iran, home (left) and away (right)

Italy, home (left) and away (right)

Ivory Coast, home (left) and away (right)

Japan, home

Japan, away

Mexico, home (left) and away (right)

Netherlands, home

Netherlands, away

Nigeria, home

Nigeria, away

Portugal, home

Portugal, away

Russia, home

Russia, away

South Korea, home

South Korea, away

Spain, home

Spain, away

Switzerland, home (left) and away (right)

Uruguay, home (left) and away (right)

United States, home

United States, away

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