Here Are All The Groups For The 2014 World Cup

The 2014 World Cup Draw just ended in Brazil.

The eight groups for the World Cup are not set.

We thought U.S. would likely face a difficult road, and we weren’t wrong.

They drew Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. Absolutely Brutal.

Here are Groups A-D:

Groups E-H:

Group A is relatively easy for Brazil, and gives Mexico a great chance to get into the knockout stages.

Group B is brutal, and one of Spain/Netherlands/Chile won’t make it to the next round.

Group C is relatively easy for Colombia.

Group D is a killer for England, as they draw Uruguay and Italy.

Group E is the easiest of the tournament.

Group F should be a cake walk for Argentina.

Group G is MURDEROUS for the U.S.

Group H should be easy for Belgiun, with Russia and South Korea playing for second.

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