The Craziest Fans At The World Cup

When it comes to sports passion nothing brings out the crazy in fans more than international competitions.

Now mix that with the biggest tournament for the world’s most popular sport and we end up with a show in the stands at the World Cup that is nearly as entertaining as the matches being played.

Let’s take a look at some of the fans with the craziest costumes and attire from the first six days of the World Cup.

Fans love to wear costumes.

This Brazilian dressed up as a popular television comedy character in Brazil.

This Dutch fan didn't have enough orange, so he added some carrots.

But those carrots may not be as odd as these hats.

And not nearly as cool as these Swiss Cheeseheads.

These Dutch fans dressed up as a flight crew.

This Ivory Coast supporter had the most bizarre reaction to a goal.

And this Brazilian fan channeled his inner-Jim Carey.

This Chilean fan has created a new superhero that includes a Godzilla arm.

Then there is this Japanese fan dressed as a frog.

The Japanese supporters have some of the most detailed costumes.

They go all out.

But nobody has done hair as well as this American fan.

Or mustaches as well as this Portuguese fan.

Although these masks with mustaches are a close second.

Some of the costumes are adorable.

Some are kind of scary.

Downright scary.

This American fan's hair looks like a firework, which seems appropriate.

Face paint is one of the more popular methods fans are using to support their country.

Of course, why stop at face paint, when you can go full-body paint like this Ghanaian supporter.

So much America.

That's a lot of elephants.

And this is a colourful elephant.

Costumes are the way to go.

At the end of the day, they are all unified in their love of the sport and their country.

Now check out the luxurious life of Brazil's biggest soccer star.

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